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    The Awakening

Earth is dying. Centuries of climate change has caused catastrophic harm to the ocean's fragile ecosystem.

From the polluted waters, a great blue whale surfaces, beaching itself on the island of Mont Michel. The whale carries with her a passenger...a baby girl.

Perl is taken in and raised by a guild of monks known as the Brotherhood of the Quill. As Perl grows and discovers the magic of nature, she soon learns she possesses otherworldly abilities.

When a mysterious stranger appears at her door, Perl must set off on a quest, leaving her earthly home for a land of unimaginable Beings. There she will learn her true purpose.

As the eternal battle wages on between the Protectors of the Light Realm and The Darkness, an ancient evil lurks in the shadows, hunting the girl.

Is Perl the Chosen One?

If so, she may be Earth's last hope

for survival.

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"A Chosen One shall arise to shine a light where no light shines, awakening humanity,

and restoring peace and harmony to the world."

~ The Prophecy

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